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We specialize in braces and invisalign. We believe that orthodontics is a passion and an art, combined with a deep love and desire to help improve the quality of life for others.

Our practice serve all cities in Washtenaw County including Ypsilanti, Dexter, Chelsea, Pittsburg Charter Township and more. As an orthodontics practice we treat kids, adults and teens.

We provide a comfortable, safe, and sophisticated environment, where we treat each individual patient with great care, understanding, and respect.
Our dentists and technicians are highly trained and experienced to provide you with a comfortable yet effective stay since we know our work here will effect your smile and your face and hence your confidence and self image for the rest of your life!

We are committed to creating healthy, beautiful smiles in a friendly, welcoming office environment. Your time here will be fun and relaxing - not tensed and stressed like the typical stereotype dentist office!

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People, especially children and teens, are afraid of going to the orthodontist. These trips are often associated with pain and discomfort as the orthodontist tries to fix your teeth. This does not have to be the case. We offer orthodontic services that are beneficial for your oral and facial region without promoting fear through our environment. If you need to have your teeth or jaws looked at, then visit us today and leave better than when you came in.

Treatments We Offer

The type of treatment that you receive will largely depend on your age and development. This leads to the following classifications:

  • Early Treatment

Early treatment refers to the treatment that is administered to children and teens. This treatment is most effective because it is administered at formative stages. In the early years, children and teenagers are easily molded. The same applies to their teeth.

  • Adult Treatment

Adult treatment, on the other hand, is that which is administered after you are already of legal age and out of your teens. This is considered as treatment administered at 21 years of age or more. While it is considered late, adult treatment is as effective as early treatment. The only catch is that it might take more time to achieve the same goal since your teeth and jaws are advanced in regards to formation at this stage.

In addition to these age-based, broad categories of treatment, you will be presented with a number of options for treatment when you visit us. For those who have abnormalities such as an overbite, underbite or even crooked teeth, we provide you with the following treatment options:

  • Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are dental devices that are installed on the teeth. They are made out of high-grade stainless steel metal, featuring archwires and brackets. These are effective in aligning or straightening your teeth in relation to your jaw. You have the option of getting colorful rubber bands, metallic, clear or ceramic brackets with traditional braces. These braces guide the archwires as to how your teeth should be aligned and straightened. Unfortunately, these braces come with food restrictions and instructions for taking care of them in order to preserve both the braces and your teeth.

  • Invisalign Aligners

These is a series of invisible aligners that are used in place of braces. They are made from hig-grade acrylic and have smoothed out edges. They are therefore comfortable, customized, removable and effective. These aligners gain popularity from the fact that they are invisible. You no longer have to opt for ceramic brackets as the only way to reduce the appearance of your braces.

  • Expanders

Palatal expanders are another mode of treatment that we administer. These are dental devices that are used on the upper jaw to expand it. They are used to treat an underbite and are almost always followed up with the use of braces to align the teeth. Once the jaw is expanded to achieve the perfect bite, the teeth also have to be straightened and in line with each other to achieve the desired results.

Why Choose Us

There are many orthodontists that you can choose from. The wise thing to do is to get an orthodontist who serves your orthodontic needs in the most effective and efficient way possible. You should therefore visit us today as we are the embodiment of efficiency. In addition to this, you should consider using our services for the following reasons:

  • Education and Experience

We are highly educated and vastly experienced. Having attended university and graduated, we have the license to practice. In addition to this, we have additional years in experience as a necessary requirement to become orthodontists. We have practiced for a long time and you can therefore trust us with your teeth.

  • Reliable

We are a reliable lot. Some professionals tend to be unavailable when patients need them. In addition to this, you might come across orthodontists who do not follow up on their patient’s progress thereby doing their work haphazardly. We pride ourselves in the fact that our patients find us reliable. We will be available for your appointment and follow up on your progress after diagnosing and treating any abnormality. In fact, we go over and above to recommend preventative measures if your teeth and jaws are healthy but might be prone to some sort of abnormality.

  • Communicate Effectively

We communicate effectively. When you walk into our offices, we will go through a process of inquiry to find out how healthy your facial structure, mouth and teeth are. Based on the results, we will let you know exactly what is going on health-wise; explain any abnormality and the measures that you might need to rectify these abnormalities. Such effective communication is important so that you are informed at all times. Some professionals tend to go about their work without letting the patient know exactly what is going on. While some communicate, it is not done effectively as they do not ensure that the patient understands.

  • Affordable

Our services are very affordable. We know how expensive orthodontic services can get and therefore offer you the best price for diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, we take different modes of payment such as cash and insurance to ensure that we do not limit you when it comes to paying for your consultation and treatment.

  • Friendly and Courteous

As earlier addressed, many people are afraid to have their teeth fixed. We know that this is the case and so provide a pleasant environment for you as you go through diagnosis and treatment. Our staff is friendly and courteous, ensuring that you are relaxed during your visit. When you visit our offices, you will get the best services and get over your fear of orthodontists as well.

Contact Us

If you need to see an orthodontist and to have your teeth checked and/ or fixed, contact us today. We are always available for you. We will slot you in for an appointment that will help to improve the health of your teeth.